31. 7. 2010

Open Doorway

The open door belongs to the church of Saint Vavrinec (3 minutes from the Masaryk square) in Jilemnice. This baroque building was built between 1729-1736 but the first mention of the church are dated back to the 14th century.
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Otevřené dveře patří kostelu sv. Vavřince v Jilemnici. Tato barokní budova byla postavena v letech 1729-1736. Ale první zmínky o kostelu jsou datovány do 14. století.
Podívejte se na další snímky ze Scénické neděle (Scenic Sunday) a Duchovní neděle (Spiritual Sundays).

10 komentářů:

  1. Hello! We are so glad you joined us from across the globe! The photo is just beautiful.
    Happy Spiritual Sunday!

  2. I'm also glad you joined us for Spiritual Sundays. The photo is lovely (as is the photo on your blog header.)

    I'm going to look around your blog some more - I love photography.

  3. The doorway is a reminder that Jesus is the door and it is the only door available to get to God. It reminds me that the door to the Kingdom of God is always open to me and to those who seek Him. Thank you and God bless, Bobbi

  4. I love this photo. So quaint and European...Have a great weekend. Blessings.

  5. An interesting perspective of the church! I love the delightful shape of the church window!

  6. I like the sense of closeness in the narrow corridor.

  7. Welcome to the Spiritual Sundays family. I'm glad you chose to join us. Wow, that is a really old church. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Great shot. I like that you added some history.

  9. Great photo.....

  10. The history of this church must be amazing. I love old churches.The small town in your header is so pretty.
    God Bless,


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