16. 1. 2011

Stone Bridge in Libstat (I)

This bridge in the village Libstat was originally built in 1822 and encludes the statues of St. Jan Nepomucký and St. Václav. Both are from the end of 18. century. 3 years ago was the bridge repaired. This shot ist almost one year old.
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Tento most ve vesnici Libštát byl postaven v roce 1822 a obsahuje sochy sv. Jana Nepomuckého a sv. Václava. Obě pocházejí z 18. století. Most byl před 3 lety opraven. Tento snímek je starý téměř rok.
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8 komentářů:

  1. I don't know why but I find bridges with arches fascinating. The statues and the church in the background look like interesting places to explore. Nice clicking!

  2. what an old and awesome bridge. Sort of reminds me of Jesus...the bridge from us back to God.

  3. What a great old bridge. Really nice shot.

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  5. The statues are an interesting addition to the biridge! I'm glad they have survived so long.

  6. I'm impressed with the statues on what looks like a simple bridge.

  7. «Louis» apologizes that he wasn't able to visit your Sunday Bridges post until today.
    He appreciates your frequent contributions to the meme. ;-D

  8. Thank you for sharing your pictures. The stone bridge is very interesting. Bridges have always amazed me. I have seen the Golden Gate bridge and crossed it many times. They say they are always painting it.


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