18. 2. 2011

Weekend Reflections: St. Wenceslaus

This is the town hall door in Semily. You can see the St. Wenceslaus on the reflection. The statue is located by the Church of the St. Peter and Paul. I will show it tomorrow. You can see the whole building on the shot here.
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Tohle jsou dveře radnice v Semilech. V reflexi můžete vidět sv. Václava. Socha je umístěna u Kostela sv. Petra a Pavla. Ukážu ji zítra. Celou radnici můžete vidět na tomto obrázku.
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12 komentářů:

  1. Very nice (and interesting). I'll be back to look at the related photos! thanks...

  2. The double sight makes the door look like having a face and two eyes! Funny, and a great catch!

  3. Love this architectural reflection and yes, I can see "a face" too! Lovely photo.


  4. Very cool! Great capture of Wenceslas! I saw another statue of him when I visited Wenceslas Square last year.

  5. Very nice doors. Love the transom.

  6. Beautiful reflections!
    Happy weekend Lucie.
    " Regina "

  7. Nice shot... I first thought : "Oh here again another boring door..." but I was really pleasantly surprised by the tiny reflection of that Saint I had never heard of. Thanks for the wikipedia link, by the way ; I did learn a lot of things about the history of a country I had no occasion to discover till I found your blog... Very interesting indeed : it really did open my mind.

  8. I like the reflection in the windows of the doors, and the detail in the light over the doors.. I think this must be a beautiful building!


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