14. 6. 2010

Macro Monday (Hard Work)

Our raspberries are full of the marmur of the bees now. This is one of them.
See more shots on the Macro Monday. Hosted by Lisa.

Naše maliny jsou teď plné bzukotu včel. Tohle je jedna z nich.
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10 komentářů:

  1. Nice macro shot of the bee at work, Lucie.

  2. Ya, I can imagine the sound of the busy bees hard at work...but worth it...you'll have plenty of berries soon thanks to them.

    My macro is posted....visit with me today if you can. MACRO DURANTA BLOSSOM I'd love to have you stop by to view.

  3. I love macro shots. This is a good one.

  4. No time for rest if you are a bee ;) hard work indeed :)


  5. I like your search for City daily Photo - where did you find the html code?

  6. Nice detail - good to see that the bees are busy at work!

  7. The bees this season are sure having fun. This is an excellent styled photo. Wonderful macro shot.

  8. Some fear going near to bees but I find that when they are busy the ignore my presence.

  9. I can just hear the murmuring now! It's very soothing, isn't it? Nice photo!


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