3. 10. 2010

Sunday Bridges: Lomnice nad Popelkou (II)

You can find this railway bridge at the end of Lomnice. (Direction Nova Paka, GPS Loc: 50°31'36.946"N, 15°22'50.355"E).
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Tento železniční most můžete najít na konci Lomnice. (Směr na Novou Paku, GPS Loc: 50°31'36.946"N, 15°22'50.355"E)

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7 komentářů:

  1. i love the lush surroundings, the light and shadows. beautiful photo.

  2. I'm wondering why there's a footbridge there as the road doesn't look very busy.

  3. EG Wow: I forgot to write, that this is the railway bridge.

  4. It looks quite pretty with the overgrown trees.

  5. It´s placed in a nice road :)
    Have a nice week!
    Elisa, from Argentina

  6. The road is very inviting with the trees on either side of it. I can just picture a train going over the bridge.

  7. This looks like a nice, quiet place in the country - a good place to escape from the noises of the city. When a train passes over the railroad bridge, it would temporarily shatter the calm, but the calm would quickly resume.


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