8. 8. 2010

Sunday Bridges: Levinska Olesnice

You can find several bridges on the way to the town Levinska Olesnice (ca. 18 km from Lomnice). This is one of them. GPS Loc: 50°32'24.09"N, 15°26'20.605"E

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Na cestě do Levínské Olešnice (ca. 18 km od Lomnice) můžete vidět několik mostů. Tohle je jeden z nich. GPS Loc: 50°32'24.09"N, 15°26'20.605"E

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11 komentářů:

  1. Bonjour!
    So beautiful picture, that arch looks a frame to the way, and it's adorable with the curve!
    Great shot!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  2. I have to google search to see where you are.

    The bridge must be very strong with all the rock.

  3. That is a ONE car bridge... and no big trucks are going to get through that! Is the bridge on top for cars or trains?

  4. Beautiful picture, one at a time only! :)

  5. Francisca: this is only car bridge and on top for trains.

  6. Oh I like how small the arch is! Very pretty bridge :D

  7. Whoever did the stonework on this bridge was a true craftsman, Nice one, Lucie.

  8. This one is so cute! I love the little "eye" the bridge's arch makes.

  9. Lucy, how old is this bridge? It looks like it might have been there long before the current road. Is the road paved over an much-older road?

    An interesting contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  10. "Louis" I can't find more informations about this bridge and the road. The only one information is - that the first mention of Levinska Olesnice is from 1384.


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